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Distribution for premium bicycle parts


711 R

available width in cm

S, M, L, XL

lengh in mm


weight in gram

59(S) 79(M) 89(L) 114(XL)

711 R

Every gram counts!

On the basis of the 7OX all material was saved that was not absolutely necessary. 

The flattened shape on the outside increases the contact surface and thus the comfort. Material needed for a heavy wing can be saved completely.

The second advantage is that the grip remains perfectly round in terms of driving dynamics. The slightly angular, flat shape on the underside saves material and provides a perfect fit. This ensures that the grip is loose and secure in the hand.

The energy required for firm hand pressure is saved and arm pumping is prevented.

New material

Silicones rubber compound

light - durable - damping - non-slip


Assembly instruction