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711 stuby

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711 stuby

Stuby grips - The alternative to the new Innerbarends® 

While Innerbarends® bring your hands inwards, improving aerodynamics on long and straight stretches, the classic bar ends of the stubby grips have the advantage that when you're going uphill, pulling on the outside of the handlebars allows more power on the pedal. This is true both when pedalling in a cradle as well as in a sitting position.

Nevertheless, even on long and straight stretches the strain on the hand, but also on the shoulder and neck can be changed and reduced by gripping the bar ends. 

The big advantage of the Stuby shape is that the barends can be gripped very far back due to the unusual shape. Thus the back inclination becomes more upright. At the same time, the Stuby barend can also be gripped like conventional barends, making the sitting position a little more sporty. 

Therefore the stuby grip offers many different grip possibilities despite the compact design. 


The scope of delivery includes one set of grips.